毛毛都学些什么- Kanata Cup

Around three years ago the twins were sent to the Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics Club. They were expected to receive professional training to have good posture, flexibility and resilience. The twins did resist and I wondered how long they could survive this program.

They started with two hours per week of training which was later increased to 6 hours per week starting in September of 2015. After last years’ summer camp, they started working on their routine for competitions. Six weeks prior to the competitions, they had additional 8 hours of rehearsal and one in-house competition.

The big day finally came. The Kanata Cup 2017 was held from March 11 to March 12 at the Bridlewood Community Elementary School. There are three local gymnastics clubs that took part in this event. Cherry competed on the Level 4 Hoop routine and Rose on the Level 4 Rope routine and they both had a Duo Rope routine at the Level 3.

I would not anticipate anything exciting as this was their first time participating in the competition. However the results are somewhat hilarious. Both of them won first place for their individual routine. For the duo rope, since they were the only team to compete, they won first without any competition.

The result can be found here.

The twins were overjoyed. They posted their medals on Instagram, they wrote a post on their blogs individually, and Cherry also started posting a write-up on steemit.com, a website recommended by Kingsong for earning monetary reward.

I am still wondering how they could make it. All credits go to the Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics Club head coach Sing, her staff and all the parents volunteers. I also would like to single out the twins’ coach Keiko and a senior gymnast Kateleen, who gave the twins tremendous help throughout these years and during the preparation.

Cherry performs the level 4 Hoop

Rose performs the level 4 Rope

The twins’ Duo Rope

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毛毛都学些什么- Triple Ball Game

On the night of February 27, the twins were excited as their triple ball team won first place for their school’s Triple Ball competition. They told me that nobody would expect them to won as the practises were not good. The boy team played one day beforehand and won the second place. They didn’t think the girls team could surpass them. But they make it. They posted their blog posts on their own site: Cherryadventure.wordpress.com and Roseadventure.wordpress.com.

This is a good opportunity to help them with good writing. After a few days, I found an old essay from last year’s softball championship and eventually we create the one below.

Triple-Ball Girls Tier 1 Tournament

Daaaang we’re doomed!

Woodroffe Triple Ball team took part in the Ottawa-Carleton Southwestern Region 2 Girls’Tier 1 Junior Triple Ball tournament held on Thursday February, 23, 2017 from 8:30 am to 11:45am at the Confederation High School. It happened a day after the boys at Woodroffe had their competition and came back with a second place medal after losing to Knoxdale Public School.

The team, led by our coach Mr. Hume, is made up of 14 girls from Grade 5 and 6: Adalia, Alice, April, Cherry, Deniz, Erica, Grace, Jaclyn, Laura, Lauren, Raneem, Rose, Sylvie, and Taisiya.

There were four schools at the tournament. Woodroffe Avenue Public School, Broadview Avenue Public School, Knoxdale Public School, and Meadowlands Public School.

We were first up against Knoxdale. It was a really close game, we tied a bunch of times, but at the end, we won with a score of 27-25!

In the second game we faced Broadview public school. Broadview is one of our “rival” schools. They usually win every sport. But today, surprisingly, we won! I am too excited to remember the scores. We actually won Broadview!

Our third game was against Meadowlands. At the end of the game, we were the ones that got 25 points! Now we were guaranteed a medal!

The next match was the finals to determine 1st and 2nd place. We went against Broadview again. It was a really tight game. At one point we were losing 9-14.We kept cheering each other, and we actually ended up winning 25-17! We were all screaming our heads off, because it was our first gold medal in at least three years!

Special thank you to Mr. Hume, again, for training and leading our team to an amazing victory. We were so proud of ourselves!

Another special thank you to Cherry Ke, my wonderful daughter, for editing and revising this script.




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Kingsong moved to Silicon Valley in May with his partner Panashe to pursue their dream and secured some 220K as the first barrel of gold. In June 11, he flew back to Ottawa to attend his grandpa’s funeral and rushed back to Silicon Valley soon. A few weeks later he reported that he had settled down in Mountain View.

I followed up with a letter.

First of all, please go to this page to test all three items 1. Life expectancy 2. Future Health Care Costs and 3. Stroke Risk. It will only take you some 5 minutes and please share the end result with me.

Lesson learned from this test- I know you know the lessons but they can’t be stressed more.

Develop a good diet. That is most important lesson that tends to be ignored. Have more fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure you consume at least one tomato, one apple, one orange, one service of broccoli  or green cauliflower, one carrot , a few stems of celery and salad, like the one I buy from Costco which only costs 2.99 per 340g. Is that too much? It is interesting to know that potato counts as well. Use nuts for snack.

Do exercise. Recently I am have been working on the P90x and here is one you can follow for 10 minutes.  Make sure you do it every day and I trust you can squeeze time for it. Don’t forget your free hand-stand. Send me a video this weekend to see how many seconds you can hold on. Last but not least, Stretch your body which will help you stay safer when you encounter some accidental falls.

Have a regular daily schedule. Go to bed early and get up early for at least 8 hours. This is the most important as sleeping is a key way to self heal when your body might be out of order before you are aware of it. Check out this page for how to sleep well.

Get an electric pressure pot. The one we have at home is an Instant pot and should work for you.  When you have not time to cook, just dump in some ribs, water, pasta such as manicotti or girandole  and salt and after just 15 minutes will be ok and then add in some broccoli after the power off.

Good luck Kingsong.

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毛毛都学些什么- 举办生日派对

So far, the only birthday party the twins had had was in 2012 right after we moved to our current house. The twins designed some games for their guests to play in our empty basement. I also taught the kids balloon twisting and fed them with pizza. It was pretty simple but kids were very easily satisfied.

This year, the twins realized they should have another party. I was somewhat hesitant as my father-in-law was in critical condition then. But the twins promised they would handle everything.

They checked flyers from Freshco, Food Basics and Walmart to find snack. They filtered the invitees. They brainstormed the games to play. They prepared the stuff needed for the game. Here is the complete list of preparation.

This included food, snacks, drinks, items for the loot bag, guest roster and event agenda. The twins also ordered pizza online. Chen shopped for the food from FreshCo, Nofrills and Food Basics. We brought the twins to Walmart for the items used in the party. They made cut-outs from a yoga mat. They also ordered loot bags and t-shirts online from Walmart. It took me a few hours to cut and sew the Velcro on the T-shirts and name tags. The twins also tried using the sewing machine.

So on Saturday June 11, 2016. The twins hosted their birthday party.


The activity that impressed me the most was the game played at nearby Kingsmere Park. The twins are the fans of the show Running Man.  They mimicked the show and designed the 撕名牌 or “Nametag Elimination” game. They divided the attendees into two groups. One team put on teal T-shirts and the other one put on Orange ones.  I hid the yoga mat cut-outs at the park. After they played a round of soccer. Then they started searching for the cut outs. The game rule is that If you saw or suspected that someone on the other team found a cut-out, you will need to rip their name tag and if you succeed, you get one of their cut-outs that the person you ripped found. If the person don’t have a cut-out, then you just leave them be. After ripping their name-tag you have to stick it back on. The team that found 5 out of 9 cut-outs first won. Kids were very excited in searching, chasing, and ripping the nametags.

Notably, there were mosquitoes in the park even during the day time. Kids become thirsty quickly after all the running, chasing and kicking around.  So the lesson learned was that we should bring water and some mosquito repellent when we play outdoors.

By the time we went home, Chen has taken home Pizza and Ice-cream cake. Kids swarmed in our breakfast room bustling all the way along to consume the food and drink.

After the party, the twins were encouraged to follow up with all the guests and their parents/guardians

Dear Aidan, Amy, April, Arthur, Grace, Nate, Zicheng and your parents/guardians:

First of all, thank you all for coming to join our first 11th birthday party. They all had fun. Thank you all for the generous gifts, we enjoyed them. We played a fun round of soccer at Kingsmere park, followed by a fun game of search for pink cut yoga mats, while ripping name tags. Finally, we had a great party feast, including pizza and ice cream cake. They all devoured the tasty food like they were starved for years, after playing at the park!   Hopefully you have received a link to our party photos stored in Google+ pictures.

Enjoy your day!

Cherry and Rose

A happy party didn’t need to be energy-draining.



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毛毛都学些什么- 写作

March Break Vacation – A trip to New York City

Finally Version: Day One, March 13, 2016

I was so excited that I woke up at 6:30. Today  we, My parents and my twin sister will leave for New York City!

This is a long journey. My mom started drivng on highway 417 then turned to 416 and to 401 until we reached the Thousands islands where we need to pass the customs. After that we went to Liverpool that close to the famous city Syracuse. My mom booked a bed set in Value City Furniture and would pick it up on our way back home. Then we headed to highway 81 then turn to 84 until 87 where we reached our destination Flushing in New York.

However a long journey doesn’t mean boring. The scene in thousands islands was so beautiful that we took a lot of pictures. When we were close to the New York city, we saw lots of limousines, a few ONTARIO labelled license plates and a sun that was surrounded by a rainbow all the way through! I’ve never seen anything like that!

When we FINALLY got to Flushing, we found a Chinese restaurant Mr. Chow’s in an instant. It is such a bustling place where there are some many people, cars, stores and restaurants. We ordered tasty fried rice, tofu soup and some meat with vegetables. All food tasted so delicious.

It is a very good start of our 7-day stay in New York.

Rose’s Original version

I awoke at 6:30 AM. I was excited with happiness! We were finally going on our trip (on the car) to New York City! But first we must eat. We had riceㅡstirred rice. It was pretty good! Then, we got one last check for our suitcases, and we left! We went in our big car ‘cause our mother was planning to buy some furniture. So the day had start! It was a long (pretty boring) moment. It was probably the most boring part of our trip. Then, we met our first “Enroute” we went to the restrooms and got hydrated. Then, we continued our trip. But we had to change highways so we could get to New York. There were only 3 cars on our lane and no cars on the lane opposite to us! It was kind of weird. After about 11 hours, our mom went to a furniture store to order a pickup order for a bed. After, we got back on our route! Later on, we got to Flushing, NY to find a Chinese restaurant. Since we couldn’t find any, we went to “Mr. Chan’s” take out or “eat in”. We bought mixed rice, soup, normal rice, and this dish with vegetables and meat. It was yummmy! Since the mixed rice was good, we bought another plate for tomorrow’s breakfast. Then, we were on our way to my Dad’s friend’s house because it costs a lot of money to park a car in New York, on a public parking spot. After, our Dad’s friend drove us to our hotel called Leon Hotel. It was like 11:00 PM. Man, I was tired! But the beds were so comfortable!

Cherry’s original version 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

I woke up at 6:00, but I was so lazy that I really got up at around 7:00. I rushed downstairs to eat my breakfast ー stirred rice. As I gulped the rice down, I just realized that today was the day, that I was going to New York City!

New York City is such a different place than Ottawa. As far as I know, New York is the place with a lot of cars and people! And, there were a lot of wonderful places to go see as a tourist. For example, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, and, don’t forget the Chrysler Building of course! I’ve seen and heard so much about New York! Exciting, fantastic, a good place to visit, and delicious food!

My goals to this trip were:

  1. To not get bored on the car (we were going by car).
  2. Eat some poutine!
  3. Have a nice hotel (that depends on my dad).
  4. Don’t get bored on the way back.
  5. Don’t get carsick.
  6. Chat with April (my awesome best friend)!
  7. Eat some delicious food!
  8. See the Empire State Building.
  9. See the Statue of Liberty.
  10. Have fun!

Only 10 goals for a 7 day trip!

Kingsong (in case you forgot, he is my big brother) would stay home to “guard” the house, and my mom, dad, sister, and I would go on the trip! My brother didn’t really mind staying at home, because he had a lot to do.

We left to New York at around 9:00. It would have been 8:00, but due to Daylight Saving Time (DST), we had to change the clock one hour in advance. My mom started driving. After about 3 hours, my dad took over. Our first stop was the EnRoute station.

At the EnRoute station, I noticed that we had half gas left. I just gave a little “warning” and told them the “small” amount of gas left. Then I ate some strawberries we brought!

When we finally got to the US and Canada border, the police asked my dad a few simple questions. All the Yes or No question’s answers were No. The questions were like “Do you have alcohol or tobacco? Do you have any commercial goods?” And “Do you have any drugs?”.

My dad asked my sister to put in the GPS’s search system the Value City Furniture’s street. My mom wanted to do some furniture shopping there. We bought a bed set that was going to be picked up next Sunday, when we were going to leave New York.

Then we got back on the car, and drove to Subway for lunch! As usual, I ordered a footlong (to share with my sister) Veggie Delite with Italian Herb and Cheese bread. I always choose some swiss cheese, lettuce, pickles (for my sister), tomatoes, and mayonnaise. It was simply delicious!

When we finally got to New York at around 5:00. For dinner, we went to Mr.Chan’s Chinese food restaurant.

We ordered some chinese peas, some egg soup, and one bowl of white rice and a small rice mixed with shrimp, meat, peas, and soy sauce. It is a really good combination because it tastes just like it should.

Just so you don’t get mixed up, the restaurant Subway will be with an uppercase. The transportation subway will have a lowercase.

My dad then planned to go to his friend’s house to park his car during our stay in New York. His friend then brought us to our hotel, called Leon Hotel. Our room was on the highest level, and it was one of the 4 best rooms with a good view of New York Manhattan. In front of our hotel was a big arch where cars would go under.

We were really close to Chinatown and some subways (the transportation).

We got our stuff organized, and then went to explore Chinatown.  

When we got back home, everyone was tired, so we all went to sleep. The bed wasn’t hard at all, like the one in the guest room at our house I had to sleep on once, so I was really happy that I wouldn’t come back home with a sore back!

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The twins are in grade 5, and as part of Social Studies, they were asked to do research about a Prime Minister. Cherry picked Sir John Sparrow David Thompson, and Rose looked for Sir John Alexander Macdonald.
They are not strangers to public speaking. Last year in March, for the first time, they attended a public speaking competition held by the Royal Canadian Legion and Cherry won third place in the junior group. This year, the competition only accepted contestants through schools. Cherry was not interested and her classmate was selected to attend the competition. I stressed my regret to Cherry and pressed that she could do better.
For this opportunity, I asked both of them to do the presentation without cue cards. They resisted. But during the night of Dec. 8, a few nights prior to the presentation, Cherry asked for a mock presentation at home, and Rose was also motivated. We googled online and found some nice presentations done by kids of their age.  I reminded them that none of them used cue cards. We gave one more try again on Dec 9 and in the morning of Dec 10, when Rose was scheduled to present at school.

They both were the only ones in their classes who didn’t use the cue cards. Rose was very excited when she brought back the rubric with the mark of A-. Cherry got an A.

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毛毛都学些什么 – 冰球

Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, although it may be expensive to play as the equipment a player needs can cost hundreds dollars.

I didn’t expect the twins to play hockey, much like Kingsong never got a chance to play hockey. This fall, Chen discovered that there was a new Senators Learn to play hockey program  that offered low-cost lessons to kids ranging from 5 to 10 years old.

We knew nothing about getting the twins dressed up for the game. Mathew Wason who worked for Fan & Community Department at Ottawa Senators Hockey Club gave us the list of items the twins needed, which includes: Skates, Shin Pads, Hockey Pants,Shoulder Pads, Hockey Gloves,Elbow Pads, Helmets, Jock/Jills and  Neck Guards. Fortunately there are enough online resources to help with sizing kids.  Despise this it still took us several errands to Canadian Tire to get the right helmets for the twins. At the age of 10, they wear medium size helmets.

As advertised in its website:

  • All sessions take place on Saturdays at the Richcraft Sensplex (in east Ottawa)
  • Each session features 1.5 hours of ice (40 minutes of skill instruction PLUS 40 minutes of mini-games)
  • Open to children born from 2005 to 2010 who are not currently registered (this season) with a minor hockey association
  • Sessions are divided into three groups with each group occupying one-third of the ice (rink dividers will be used to separate groups)
  • Two 10-week seasons are available
    • Season 1: October 10 to December 19 (no session on October 24)
    • Season 2: January 16 to April 2 (no sessions on March break)
  • Program cost just $99 (plus equipment – not included in the program price*)

Chen also discovered that the Nepean Sportsplex had a drop-in shinny hockey program which cost $ 2.05 each.

On Nov 4, I brought them to the shinny hockey program. On the way to there, Rose claimed that she got headache, and Cherry explained that she had some leg pains. So they just sat there and watched.  Last Wednesday, Nov 11, was the first time the twins participated. Rose was always as cool as she is used to be. She carried the heavy equipment bag without a single complaint. However Cherry begged to just watching, and asked me to help her with carry the bag.

Most of the players were boys. The only girl there seems to be happy when she saw the twins. The twins  not so capable and stayed on ice chasing the puck. However they seemed to enjoy it.

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