Kyle, the Youth Coordinator at Parkwood Hills Little League and the Manager at the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club, organized teams for the Parkwood Hills Little League in June. A team drop out at the last second with secure funding in place. So he started a new team and with no cost to parents.

The twins were not interested at all; neither did they know how to play baseball. It never hurts to try though.

This program took place on Tuesday every week from June 30 to August 30 at the Fisher Heights Park. The twins were registered at the last minute and had the first try-outs on July 7. There were four teams playing: Britannia, Dynes Sports, St. Louis Wings, and BGCO Blue Jays, which was the the team that the twins were in. They received t-shirts and baseball hats with the Blue Jays’ logo printed on them. They played almost all of the games scheduled except for the one on July 28 where they have to attend a “Kids can code” event.

They were very excited with the new game and wanted to continue. It is very interesting that during the summer, almost every Tuesday afternoon we had showers in Ottawa. The kids were enjoying it so much that the coach decided to go ahead if there was not thunder threating.

On Aug. 18 they had a semi-final game for the play-off season and one week later the bronze medal /champion games followed by the big end of season party.

“Hello all,
Wow, what an amazing season of baseball we’ve had! A little bit wetter than we would have liked, but in the end, the progress that each player made from the beginning of the year until the end of the season was astounding. To think that in June some of our players had never even held a bat before is pretty remarkable considering how far they’ve all come.

First off I would like to thank all our coaches and volunteers for all their hard work throughout the year. Your patience and great attitudes are what made this season so successful and is a big reason why every player I talked to this week said they had tons of fun this summer. I’d also like to thank all the parents for driving the players, organizing snacks, and braving some interesting weather in the stands this year as well! Thanks also have to go out to Matt & Sarah, the coordinators for the Parkwood Hills Softball Association who helped with field bookings, website hosting, and did double duty as our photographers/paparazzi at the finals this week putting together some great action shots of the kids. And finally I’d like to congratulate all the players on an amazing season of baseball. I can honestly say that it was a pleasure to watch your games each week and was constantly blown away by the skill and enthusiasm you each brought to the field day in and day out.

Now for the fun stuff!

Year end party:

-We will be attending the Ottawa Champions vs. Rockland Boulders baseball game this coming Saturday evening. If everyone could please aim to arrive at the stadium for around 6:00pm that would be ideal. The stadium (for those that haven’t been before) is located at 300 Coventry Rd. It is easily accessed via the 417, at the Vanier Parkway exit. Coventry rd is the your first right and the parking lot is your first right once on Coventry. Parking is $5.00 for those planning on driving.

-Once at the stadium, we will be meeting just inside the atrium to the left (near the Champions souvenir stand). If you arrive late, or cannot find us, please ask one of the stadium staff to show you how to get to the Champions Club room in the upstairs portion of the stadium as that is where we will be congregating for the first hour.
-Once we make our way up to the Champions Club, we will be meeting with Champions President David Gourley who will be giving out baseball cards to the players/siblings, and hopefully some of the Champions players will be coming up for a quick autograph session prior to the game. We will also be serving hotdogs (Halal options are available), and receiving some free swag courtesy of our friends at Lixar (a local high tech company).
-At approximately 6:50pm we will then make our way down to the seats to watch the game which starts at 7:05pm. Tickets are general admission so feel free to sit wherever you wish at this point.
-We would like to ask that the players please wear their jerseys to the game if possible to help identify them.
Hope to see you all at the game!
All the best,

A few weeks (August 12) prior to the party we were invited by the Canadian Hearing Society to visit the baseball stadium in Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park to watch the game between the Ottawa Campion and Rockland. I was new to the game and relied on Chen’s explanations to understand the rules. However the twins seemed to know all of them. At the end of the game there is a routine that kids are invited to greet the players, the twins were too shy to go ahead.

At the year-end party, after the game was over, I went up to where the game took place to see the grass. Cherry managed to approach the players . One of the players passed a baseball to her, a boy reached out and tried to grab it, but the player outmanoeuvred him and passed the ball onto Cherry. Cherry was over-joyed by the unexpected gift and patiently lined up to get the signatures of three players: Sébastien Boucher #18, Tyler Heil #4 and Drew Cisco #2.
Now Cherry always smiles whenever she sees the ball. Rose seems not to care, as cool as she is used to being. (When Rose saw the article, she changed the last sentence to “Rose seems to keep her happiness inside.”) 

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毛毛都学些什么- 舞狮

Kingsong used to be part of the Lion dance troupe which was managed by Mr. So (who was also the principal of the Capital Chinese Language school). Since last September, he went to Waterloo for University and was not able to join them anymore. This Chinese New Year, Chen got a phone call from Mr. So, who asked if the twins would be able to do the lion dance for the T&T New Year celebration

Of course they can. So the twins were sent to T&T on February 22, and after a few moments of tutoring on the lion dance, they were set to go. I was not there but know they were pretty excited that they learned how to do the lion dance and started earning an allowance.

Next was the opening ceremonies for the Zichan International Arts Centre on May 30 and again Mr. So asked Chen if the twins could go. This time I was able to witness their performance.

The twins formed a yellow baby lion. Rose, who seemed to be more athletic, performed the lion head and Cherry followed her as the tail. With a little formal training, they seemed to be at a loss at first. Rose just wandered around and Cherry kept wagging the tail. But after a few moments they were able to follow.

At the end of the performance, the audience was surprised to see that this lion was performed by two kids. Cherry and Rose were very proud as they heard the compliments.

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Closing Ceremony-Carlingwood

Closing Ceremony-Carlingwood. For Rose’s Adventure

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1ST Annual Kids Summer Fishing Derby
July 11, 2015 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
McLean Ave Beach/Park

This is a community event organized by the Arnprior Fish & Game Conservation Club for the children of Renfrew County, Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Every child participating will be going home with a goodie bag full of great stuff. There will also be hot dogs and drinks for the kids and parents alike. The Derby is being held during the province’s Free Family Fishing Week meaning the adults accompanying the kids will not need a fishing license to take part.

For more information e-mail arnpriorfishandgameclub@gmail.com

In Ontario, each year in winter and summer, there are two fishing days, when people have opportunities try fishing without licences. This year Chen noticed that in Arnprior, the small town where he worked, the Arnprior Fish & Game Conservation Club (AFGCC) was offering the first Kids Summer Fishing Derby.

We went there with little preparation. I grabbed two fishing rods left by my father, and sneaked in a pair of Crocs sandals. When we arrived, we saw a booth where people weighted and logged the fish caught. A gentleman who sat in the booth gave me a float and a hook and fixed my fishing tool. He also helped me hook up the earth worm.

Rose asked for my sandals (I regretted that I forgot to ask the twins to wear sandals. They then could only go into the water one by one using the only sandals I had worn) and walked into the river to start fishing but with no success. Then she came back to take some hot dogs and drinks offered by the organizers. So Cherry got her chance. There was a gentlemen, a father to two teenage boys, who showed cherry how to keep the bait out of water before she reached the fishing spot, and how to do the casting. With a few tries, Cherry was very excited that she could cast far away. She was even more excited when she finally caught a fish. It was about 6 inches long. Unfortunately, on the way back to shore, the fish managed to escape as Cherry didn’t know she should hold the fish above the water. Everyone in my family was excited. It was the very first fish our family had ever caught.

After a few moments, Cherry caught another one. This time, Sebastian, the son of the gentleman who guided Cherry, helped Cherry walk back to the shore to get the fish weighed. Cherry won a medal offered by the AFGCC.

I also obtained a booklet “Catch fishing!” by Rick Amsbury. The information inside is sufficient enough for a beginner who has never tried fishing to get into the sport.

Chen also discovered the Ontario Family Fishing website. We are looking forward to next year when it will offer the fishing camp.

Hooking up with some summer fun

Sebastian, the teenager shown in the pic, helped Cherry to manage the second fish she caught. In the picture you can see a red dot to the right of Sebastian’s hat, and it is Cherry there fishing.

It was a nice day, in a nice small town with some nice people.

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永远不寂寞- 2015 春

After a long, cold and cruel winter, Ottawa has finally embraced the warm and nice weather.

I looked at the Cherry tree in my backyard with interest. This semi-dwarf Lapin Cherry was planted last spring. During the winter I almost forgot about it. Once I realized that I needed to protect it from the cold it was too cold outside for me to take any action. I could only pray.

When the weather warmed up, I saw a faint hint of green on the tip of the buds and I knew they survived. Each day the buds bloomed further and soon I saw a brunch-full of Cherry blossom. On Victoria Day weekend, there were some mung bean sized fruits sticking out of the brunches.

Cherry Bloom

Cherry Bloom

Desire2Learn screen shot


In the summer of 2013, I planted three hybrid tea roses. None of them survived the winter. Last year I planted just one Tiffany and hoped that I could take care of it. Just covering it with a foam pot helped. In early spring, I saw the sprouts come out. Now you can see several tiny rosebuds on each tip of the new tender canes.

Cherry and Rose will be ten soon in June. These little girls are as tall as my shoulder if not taller.

What impresses Cherry’s teachers is her cheerful attitude. She is always ready to try and joyful for every small success she achieves. Although she did not do well enough on the Canadian Cognition Ability Test, the other day she casually told me that her English teacher Mrs. Morris checked all the students EQAO scores and she was the only one who got 4s for all 4 subjects. I once asked her what she wanted to do when she growed up. The answer was to become a piano teacher.

Rose is proud of her athletic abilities. Her bragging rights stem from her first place in the 100-meter dash last summer in the interschool track and field meet. She also makes progress, slowly, in her studies.

On April 29, I took a few hours off to join her class’s Students Lead Portfolio Conference. Rose greeted me at the door of her class. She had a tongue ulcer and could not speak a single word. She was expected to introduce me to her teacher Mrs. Faller but could not do it. On entering into the classroom, she insisted that I take some cookies as was suggested ahead of time by the Mr. Faller. Then, she led me to her seat and showed me, proudly, all of her work. What interested me the most was her “All about my life” A – Z list.

Mr. Faller made a very positive comment on this assignment: Beautifully written Rose – you have wonderful sentence variety and I’ve learned so much about you. Excellent writing – lots of extra efforts evident.

I also received a prepared “Thank you” card at the end of the conference.

Thank you for coming!Dear Mom,

I just wanted to thank you for attending my student-led conference!

I hope we can get a chance to do this again – it was fun! I like being able to “show off” all the hard work I did so far for this year at school. It was so nice to hear your words for support and encouragement.

I am glad we set some learning goals together too! I know if ever I need help with any of my work, I can come to you!

Love, Rose.

As for Kingsong, I seemed to have forgotten about him as he hasn’t been home a lot. Kidding, not kidding.. Having spent two semesters at the Accounting and Financial Management program, Kingsong finally started to take some math and computer science courses over summer term so that he can eventually switch into Computer Science. He was pretty proud about his new toy Macbook Air, which cost more than 1k. He was back home briefly from April 22 to 30 and also brought two friends with him, one stayed overnight and one for 7 nights. We went to Poutine Festival, and watched a free show, the Founder Father, at the Civilizations Museum.  After the show, there were some reporters from CBC who offered to interview the audience. The twins were too shy to approach the reporters, so Kingsong offered to be interviewed. He just wanted to show the twins that being interviewed is a fun thing to do. He expressed that it was very interesting to see the struggles of our Founding Fathers and their negative and positive characteristics.

Rose is pink and Cherry is white, Kingsong always looks so bright.

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永远不寂寞- 春假。

Kingsong seems to be crazy about programming.

For March break, he suggested that we send the twins to Futurekids Camp. Chen believes that the RPG Maker Extreme will work for them. This five half-days camp will cost $398. What is RPG Maker  and how does it works? . After a few clicks on the internet, I realized that this camp ws not what we expected to let the twins learn in programming. It is a sort of fun computer game without the necessary programming skills for kids.

After a few more clicks I found Marshall Brain, a father who provides rich, very complete I believe, information on teaching your kids how to write computer programs . Almost all the websites that the twins have tried so far, such as codecademy and wordpress, were mentioned in this writing.

And here is 7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills  and code for kid.

If you really want your kids to learn computer programming here is what they claim CANADA’S #1 Computer PROGRAMMING CAMPS 4 KIDS 

Below are books available from Ottawa public library:
Hello World!: Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners
3D Game Programming for Kids

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2月22日2015年。我在大统华那里舞狮子。 那时 候是我第一天舞狮子。 我怕太难了。 不过我很开心 我可以学怎么舞狮子。我爸爸说会接爷爷,奶奶,外公,外婆才他们可以看我们跳舞。我们到大统华的时候,超市里面等校长因为他请了我和我姐姐试一试舞狮子。校长说因为我们的演出为三十分钟,我们会跟他儿子换等我们累了。 校长的儿子在姐姐班上里,所以我们认识他。我们开始得时候,校长的儿子在前面姐姐在后面做狮子的尾巴。还有人发红包。在买鱼哪,我和校长的儿子换了位子。有一个人叫 Tony。他会吃路上的菜。在买菜附近,姐姐和校长的儿子换了。到结束时,我还是狮子的头。我的胳膊很酸哦!大家流了很多汗!我们到了他们厨房去换衣服,喝了水,那红包因为红包里面是我们赚的钱。我是很累的但是我很开心!

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